Don’t do it yourself. Ask a 10X.

Every entrepreneur, including freelancers and independent workers or any kind of digital nomad must go through those repetitive tasks at least twice a month. When it’s not about preparing the invoices to send to the clients, calling them to finally get the cash then it has to do with the mandatory declarations and payment of the last recruited employee.

The amount of work invested into those mandatory non-core tasks but yet important (they need to be done in order to scale and grow toward a most prosperous business) is way too high. According the the ServiceNow State of Work report ( the average executive or business owner spends about 2 full days a week on admin work and this is getting higher and higher. Most of them actually say it is the source of most of their stress.

Now nobody says there is any issue with this. However we need to admit there are better ways to spend time on when you are a business owner such as making money by focusing on the commercial side of the product or service. This inflow of money drives the company’s well being and growth strategy. The firm’s existence lays on the owner’s ability to sign new contracts and make new clients. This is all linked. The much time she/he spends into signing new contracts, making sure the clients are happy, increasing the value of the product or the service, the more money she/he makes and the safer the company is.


So far so good, it seems to be obvious the time management is at the very center of the questions that an entrepreneur needs to ask himself. It opens up to another kind of question. In order to manage its own time, it became crucial to recruit helpers and support agents, above all for all of the administrative, financial, recruitment, HR, office management, sales administration related tasks.


This quite long list of people already sounds way too expensive for my business. This is why you need to find the right one. Yes, no ‘s’. There is no need to find as many freelancers as there are issues to be taken care of. Only the 10X will benefit your company. The one who is going to be able to tackle all of the subject; the HR, the admin work, the legal issues and the financial aspects of the company. This person will be the SPOC : the single point of contact and only trustee. The one to be looking for is definitely a partner, a fast worker, i.e. of the few 10X. Don't forget, hire a freelancer, stay in control of the situation and negociate how much you pay her/him daily.


The 10X is capable of great things in the shortest amount of time possible. This person needs to be supporting you and understanding your vision and the strategy of the company. He must not only be a task accomplisher and for that the entrepreneur needs to find the freelancer ready to work part time and with high motivation and enough dedication to the mission. What one needs to be looking for when recruiting this human are the qualities you can find in any other entrepreneurs : flexibility, dedication, doing attitude, trust, performance, willing to help.

This 10X individual will be giving 10 times more work and result than the common worker you would find for those tasks.

The part time format will enable the entrepreneur to manage his cash flow easily and this investment. It means, the amount of work given to the 10X can increase with time along with the startup or scale up growth. In other words, there is no perfect method. The founder can keep control of his expenses, modulate format as he wishes, without taking any employment risks. Things are therefore done much quicker, much easier.

Maxime Gaye

Financial Consultant - MGAYE Consulting

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